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Harmonic Herbs Reviews / Testimonials from our customers about our products:

I use this product for many different things. Light burns, mild cuts, chapped lips, bug bites or rashes. It helps them heal faster. I use it to help relieve sore muscles. It’s a great product and I am never without it!


Wonderful product from a wonderful company!

We have used this salve for years!  Heals chapped or sunburn lips.  Relieves sunburn pain and keeps sunburn from peeling.  Put it on for inflammation and seems to work when nothing else does.
We highly recommend this salve!  Don’t leave home without it!
T. Hollingsworth

I love using the salve on my shoulders. It’s organic and all-natural so feel like I am taking good care of my body. My massage therapist also used it on my last massage and it helped relieve the tension and pressure. I keep some in my purse when I have aches and pains. I just love it!


My name is Latona Elkins. I have had the pleasure of using Harmonic Herbs Salve for the past two years on a severe back injury that affected my feet, leg, hip, and back. I was so happy with the ways the Salve helped my pain, cramps, burning, and minimized my need for medication. I have since had a spinal fusion of which the Harmonic Herbs Sore Muscle Rub has helped tremendously with the healing process. Prior to surgery I had a severe fall on concrete in my garage and hurt my shoulder, bumped my head, knees, and back.  Thanks to applying it immediately after falling the Sore Muscle Rub stopped the pain immediately and seemed to reduce the swelling and bruising. I would not do without having the Harmonic Herbs Sore Muscle Rub Salve available in my go-to cabinet of good treatments.

Grandma Elkins

California Central Coast

I love this cream! I use it for everything. From scrapes to bruises, to aching hands (I am a massage therapist and it does wonders for sore joints.) it doesn’t matter what’s going on and seems to heal everything. I even used it on my cracking heels and it helps heal the skin in a matter of weeks.


I’ve used it on rashes for myself, rashes for my child. My son and I both have very sensitive skin so when he had diaper rash as it was my go to. “Mama I need cici cream” is heard regularly around my house.


I use this ointment for sore and tight muscles, diaper rash, hemorrhoids, calloused heels, dry nose, and dry eyelids. It’s amazing how many things it helps me with!

Ron Fox

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