Ideal for:

  • Pain or Swelling
  • Sore Muscle Relief
  • Bruising or Injuries
  • Sprains or Strains
  • Eczema or Psoriasis
  • Rashes or Sunburns
  • Inflammation
  • Massage

Harmonic Herbs is a focused, ambitious company and our core values motivate us to be exceptional. With creative passion, sheer tenacity, and a boot strap mentality, we have only scratched the surface of our potential. All of our formulas were created to compliment your lifestyle and make you a better you. Each batch is handcrafted in small batches to ensure the quality and concentration. We are motivated, empowered and energized to have the opportunity to bring you this amazingly product. Here’s to Health and the presence of well-being!

When you work hard, you want to play hard. Treat your sore muscles to some soothing relief for a quicker recovery time. You will sleep better and awake ready to do it all again.


Injury and bruising… When injury occurs it is important to respond quickly before the body has a chance to record cellular memory of the accident. You can feel your body swelling and bruising is on it’s way. Sore Muscle Rub can be your First Responder as it provides instant relief while combating swelling and bruising for a faster recovery. Apply until pain subsides and repeat.


“I am a little afraid of exercise” said Helen who suffers from fibromyalgia.. For many people exercise equals pain. Avoid inflammation associated with exercise by simply applying the Sore Muscle Rub before and after. And if you want to test it’s ability to relieve muscle pain? Only rub it on one side of your body…


Be the hero Mom. Picture.. Our children come to us with their pain hoping we have the answer to make it go away. Apply directly to the affected area and watch the pain melt away from their face.


If you want to win the hearts of your massage clientele, Apply a dime size amount of Sore Muscle Rub mixed with your favorite massage oil or lotion. You will be guaranteed to have a repeat client.


P.S. Harmonic Herbs has other products such as chapsticks and more…